Man Power Certification

Certification of Recruitment of Man Power & Corporate Training

Sapphire Technical Services (STS) blessed with having such a successful, honest & ideal leader. They are just leading the organization in a right path with exceptional quality and services. Their dedications toward works inspire to do highest standard of workmanship.

Our Man - Power

There is no denying the fact that the continual positive development of a business is owing to its effective manpower planning. The success or failure of an organization in the construction sector depends largely upon the timely supply of right manpower for the completion of the projects..

To overcome the problem of inadequate manpower, United Overseas HR Consultants was formed in order to ensure that work in our project sites are not stalled due to lack of manpower.  SAPPHIRE can proudly boast of having a huge databank of manpower which can be made available at our project sites at a very short notice.

Before we undertake any project, our management team thoroughly prepares a detailed plan on manpower demand and supply. We comprehensively analyze the total manpower requirements and plan accordingly. Subsequently, if there is a need to supply more manpower at the project site due to any reason, United Overseas HR Consultants always has technicians on standby so that time loss is minimal