Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Our Health, Safety & Environment Policy

At Sapphire Technical Services (STS) we have strong & result-oriented objectives and policies to deliver the best in the industry as promised to our clients.

Certification of - OHSAS 18000:1

The organization has developed & documented its Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems as per OHSAS 18000:1. At SAPPHIRE, we practice safety in all aspects of our construction services. Before commencing the work, our safety engineer on site prepares a “Safety Plan” according to the work environment to ensure safety to men, equipment, material and environment during the execution of work.

This implies a corresponding duty of ensuring that the necessary organization, equipment and training are provided to fulfill this obligation. An effective health and safety policy requires the full collaboration and cooperation of all employees. Everybody is asked to read this policy and accept a degree of personal responsibility for health and safety at work.

Our Site-In-Charge has the full authority necessary to enforce the provisions of our safety policies in order to ensure that our projects are conducted safely and on schedule.