Business Goals & Objectives

Our Business Goals & Objectives

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  • Customer Perspective Goals
  • Financial Perspective Goals
  • Learning & Growth Perspective Goals
  • Internal Process Perspective Goals

Customer Perspective Goals

* Continually Satisfying the clients is chosen as the objective.

* Client see us as a reliable supplier of services.

* The company clearly understands the needs and expectations of its clients.

* Clients questionnaire completed analyzed at each project close out.

* Attention to complaints from Clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

* Resolution of complaints to the client’s satisfaction.

* Quick response to the client or Engineer’s enquiries.

* Acceptance of responsibility for personal or company errors.

Financial Perspective Goals

* New project leads or project cost saving opportunities identified from outstanding quality service.

* Maximized utilization of existing assets.

* Efficiency in the delivery of service reduce operation costs.

Learning & Growth Perspective Goals

* Develop fundamental skills and competencies.

* Increase customer value through on-going improvements to construction methods and business administration systems.

* Develop & invest in new technologies which deliver attractive ROI.

* The company engages hearts and minds of people through out the organization.

Internal Process Perspective goals

* Meet Project deliverables on time.

* Improve health, safety and environment.

* Improve productivity.

* Eliminate non-value-adding activities for every process.

* Reduce response time for inter-departmental enquires.

* Documented quality procedure for all tasks is readily available.

* Suppliers and sub-contractors are subject to quality driven prequalification and periodic evaluation process.

* High accuracy in the end results of service including administration.

* Technology is used to speed up communication and cut down cycle time.